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Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date Posted  Asc / Desc
New server list: linguistics of ancient languages Neil Allies 18.1846 Jun-19-2007
Free Online Access to EUP Linguistics Journals Ruth Allison 21.4971 Dec-09-2010
Gesture and Language - New Source Robin Allott 11.808 Apr-08-2000
Gesture and language equivalence Robin Allott 10.343 Mar-05-1999
MOTOR BASIS OF LANGUAGE AND GESTURE Robin Allott 9.145 Jan-31-1998
Motor theory animations Robin Allott 8.476 Apr-07-1997
Website - text of speeches from a conf - ALSIC Revue Alsic 11.1323 Jun-14-2000
UPF: New MA in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics Alex Alsina 22.1575 Apr-07-2011
Machine Learning Summer School, Chicago, USA Yasemin Altun 16.689 Mar-06-2005
Apicultur: The Linguistic API Platform Elena Alvarez 24.1174 Mar-08-2013
New List on Code-Switching Celso Alvarez Caccamo 11.680 Mar-26-2000
New linguistics list--Spanish, Catalan, and Galizan-Portuguese Celso Alvarez Caccamo 8.1621 Nov-11-1997
A Petition in Favor of Classics in Portugal Ana Alves 17.1845 Jun-21-2006
Psychological Experiment Software Questionnaire Noor Alvi 21.3359 Aug-19-2010
Kartvelian (South Caucasian) Linguistics Network Nino Amiridze 20.255 Jan-27-2009
Research Opportunity in Computational Linguistics Gisle Andersen 15.394 Jan-30-2004
Fellowships in language resources and tools Gisle Andersen 15.2605 Sep-17-2004
An International Language Museum in Denmark Ole Stig Andersen 18.1750 Jun-07-2007
International Domain Naming Conventions Deborah Anderson 16.1972 Jun-24-2005
Call for Workshops: 19th International Congress of Linguists Stephen Anderson 22.1889 Apr-30-2011
Scottish Corpus of Texts and Speech (SCOTS) Wendy Anderson 15.3341 Nov-30-2004
19th ICL, 21-27 July, Geneva (Switzerland) Stephen Anderson 24.2596 Jun-23-2013
Portal for the Languages of Scotland Jean Anderson 17.2906 Sep-30-2006
Historical Thesaurus Scholarships Wendy Anderson 21.557 Feb-02-2010
Feedback Needed on "Slashed C" and Unicode Deborah Anderson 15.1657 May-26-2004

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