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Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date Posted  Asc / Desc
Online syntax project for students and teachers aurelien max 10.1361 Sep-16-1999
For the Listserv Jan Engh 10.1374 Sep-20-1999
Postdoctoral Fellowships in the Humanities Mark Liberman 10.1375 Sep-20-1999
New Russian Software Andrei Strukov 10.139 Jan-29-1999
Nouns 101 Neil Bentley 10.1418 Sep-29-1999
cluster analysis Lisa Bond 10.1432 Sep-30-1999
Linguistics at the National Science Foundation Ball, Catherine 10.1437 Oct-02-1999
SASAL - Student Assn for Socioling and Anthro Ling Uri Horesh 10.1450 Oct-04-1999
Gender & Language Association List Mary Bucholtz 10.147 Jan-31-1999
Open source grammar and grammar development software Ann Copestake 10.1489 Oct-08-1999
Transformation Based Learning/Bibliography TorbjC6rnLager 10.1500 Oct-11-1999
Repertoire of Declarative phonologists Alain Thiriault 10.1501 Oct-11-1999
Invitation to Discussion in Virtual Recitation taimi metzler 10.152 Feb-02-1999
New ISCA SIG: SALTMIL Briony Williams 10.1542 Oct-16-1999
GRE Writing Assessment don powers 10.1546 Oct-18-1999
Ohio State University Dissertations in Linguistics OSDL 10.1551 Oct-18-1999
L3 Mailing List Robert J. Fouser 10.1554 Oct-18-1999
North American ACL Chapter Constitution Priscilla Rasmussen 10.1568 Oct-20-1999
Using the Syntax Student's Companion on a Mac Su-ying Hsiao 10.1591 Oct-22-1999
Language Learning Technology Vol. 2, No. 2 is available Language Learning & Technology 10.160 Feb-03-1999
New Websites/COSWL, WILMA Monica Macaulay 10.1600 Oct-24-1999
New Software/SignStream v. 1.5 Carol Neidle 10.1604 Oct-25-1999
Lx Contest Ivan A Derzhanski 10.161 Feb-03-1999
Invitation to bid for COLING 2004 at COLING 2000 in Saarbruecken Yorick Wilks 10.1611 Oct-26-1999
Workshop:Robust Interpretation for Real World Applications Carolyn P Rose 10.1634 Oct-29-1999

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