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Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date Posted  Asc / Desc
All-New SpecGram (February 2015) Online Trey Jones 26.678 Feb-01-2015
Lexicons of Early Modern English UTP Journals 26.667 Jan-30-2015
Cultural Linguistics and Pragmatics Hyejeong Ahn 26.677 Jan-30-2015
Annual Reviews Announces a New Linguistics Journal Charlotte Van Rooyen 26.583 Jan-27-2015
Wikipedia Corpus (1.9 bil. words; virtual corpora) Mark Davies 26.584 Jan-27-2015
New MA Program on Multimodal Communication - Amsterdam, Netherlands Alan Cienki 26.485 Jan-23-2015
Ma'agarim: The Historical Dictionary of the Hebrew Israel Cohen 26.483 Jan-22-2015
Endangered Language Fund Changes Doug Whalen 26.484 Jan-22-2015
Leuven Working Papers in Linguistics (Vol.3) Nikki van de Pol 26.362 Jan-19-2015
Call for Papers: Exploring Democracy in Nigeria Presley Ifukor 26.339 Jan-18-2015
Call for Papers: Teaching the History of the English Language Colette Moore 26.314 Jan-16-2015
Call for Chapter Proposals: English Medium Instruction Howard Brown 26.313 Jan-15-2015
Call for Chapter Submissions: English Language Education in Asia Tyler Barrett 26.266 Jan-14-2015
New Website of Linguistic Issues in Language Technology Annie Zaenen 26.265 Jan-14-2015
Call For Chapter Proposals: Political Discourse in Fragile and Failed States Daniel Ochieng Orwenjo 26.184 Jan-13-2015
New Website for Searching and Downloading the Arabic Learner Corpus Abdullah Alfaifi 26.221 Jan-13-2015
Search: Partner for Student Workshop Week - University of Zurich Jeannette Roth 26.154 Jan-13-2015
New Website of The International Phonetic Association John Esling 26.183 Jan-12-2015
TOEFL Young Students Graduate Student Grants 2015 Yeonsuk Cho 26.139 Jan-10-2015
TOEFL Young Students Small Research Grants 2015 Yeonsuk Cho 26.138 Jan-10-2015
Call for Papers: Postcolonial Pragmatics - Linguistics and Literature Christoph Schubert 26.64 Jan-06-2015
All-New SpecGram (January 2015) Online Trey Jones 26.24 Jan-01-2015
New Release of the TüBa-D/Z German Treebank Marie Hinrichs 25.5201 Dec-19-2014
New Journal: Cognitive Semantics Stephanie Paalvast 25.5124 Dec-15-2014
New Journal: Brill Research Perspectives Stephanie Paalvast 25.5123 Dec-15-2014

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