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Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date Posted  Asc / Desc
Igniting Schwa Fire, a Digital Publication about Language Michael Erard 24.4864 Dec-02-2013
Language and Psychoanalysis Volume 2, Issue 2 Laura Cariola 24.4888 Dec-02-2013
Call for Chapter Contributors: Changing Roles of English in Eastern Africa Martha Michieka 24.4895 Dec-02-2013
All-New SpecGram (December 2013) Online Trey Jones 24.4861 Dec-01-2013
Call for Working Papers of the Linguistics Circle Carrie Hill 24.4862 Dec-01-2013
Attitudes toward Varieties of Spoken English James Essex 24.4839 Nov-28-2013
LSA Institute 2015: Call for Course Proposals Laura Casasanto 24.4799 Nov-27-2013
Talk by Prof. JM Dewaele, December 2nd, University of Reading, UK Jason Rothman 24.4671 Nov-21-2013
Talk by Dr. V Murphy, December 9th, University of Reading, UK Jason Rothman 24.4672 Nov-21-2013
Poio: Technologies for Language Diversity Vera Ferreira 24.4656 Nov-21-2013
The Electronic World Atlas of Varieties of English eWAVE 2.0 Released Kerstin Lunkenheimer 24.4668 Nov-21-2013
Endangered Language Fund Scholarship for CoLang Colleen Fitzgerald 24.4669 Nov-20-2013
AfBo: a Database of Affix Borrowing, Now Online Frank Seifart 24.4655 Nov-20-2013
New Ph.D. Program in Hispanic Linguistics Ana Carvalho 24.4670 Nov-20-2013
New Bachelor of Science Programme: Language Sciences and Psychology, University of Reading Jason Rothman 24.4632 Nov-19-2013
Poetry and Literary Translation Contest "Alter Ego", March 2014, Ukraine Olena Yemelyanova 24.4613 Nov-18-2013
NetWordS: New Call for Short Visit Grants Vito Pirrelli 24.4584 Nov-17-2013
Talk on Bilingualism and Multilingualism by Prof. David Green, November 20th, Reading, UK Jason Rothman 24.4594 Nov-17-2013
Dialect Atlas of Newfoundland and Labrador Suzanne Power 24.4561 Nov-15-2013
Centre for Literacy and Multilingualism at The University Reading Jason Rothman 24.4562 Nov-15-2013
Bids: Organize International Symposium on Bilingualism 2017 Durk Gorter 24.4567 Nov-14-2013
Online Review Platform PRAGMATICS.REVIEWS Konstanze Jungbluth 24.4556 Nov-14-2013
Call for Papers: Corpus Pragmatics in Translation Studies Jesús Romero-Trillo 24.4462 Nov-07-2013
Call for Nominations: Glushko Dissertation Prize Maryellen MacDonald 24.4427 Nov-06-2013
Crowd Sourcing Platform for Open Access Books: Stefan Müller 24.4445 Nov-06-2013

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