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FYI: New Ways of Analyzing Variation (NWAV) Asia-Pacific 2 Working Papers

Author: Yoshiyuki Asahi

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics
Anthropological Linguistics

FYI Body: We are pleased to announce the publication of Working Papers from NWAV Asia-Pacific 2. It is available online at:

Yoshiyuki Asahi,
Chair of NWAV Asia-Pacific 2 committee


A Variationist Approach to a Grammaticalized Motion Verb of Japanese
Fumihito Arai

Real Time Change in Intra-speaker Variation: Evidence from Kushiro Japanese
Yoshiyuki Asahi

Katakana Scripts in a Japanese Publication in Malaysia: A Case Study of Katakana Words in “SENYUM” Magazine
Feng Poo Ching, Norhana bt. Md. Salleh, and Kamila Ghazali

Dialect Contact and Pronoun Uses of Japanese Plantation Immigrants in Hawai‘i
Mie Hiramoto, Hiroyuki Shiraiwa, and Yoshiyuki Asahi

A Contemporary History of Okazaki Honorifics ― Democratization and -te itadaku ―
Fumio Inoue

Development of a Way to Visualize and Observe Linguistic Similarities on a Linguistic Atlas
Yasuo Kumagai

A Choice of the Interpretations of the Case Particle -no in Japanese
Satoshi Nambu

Dynamic Shift of Word Frequency Effect in the Course of Linguistic Change
Shin-ichiro Sano

Standardization and Dialect Leveling in Tokunoshima
Motoei Sawaki, Yumi Nakajima, and Chitsuko Fukushima

Simultaneous Bilingual Language Acquisition: A Case Study of English-Japanese Bilingual Children in Christchurch
Mineko Shirakawa

Tracking Many Faces of Change: Osaka Japanese Honorifics
Anna Strycharz-Banaś

Changes from Dialect Use to Standard Language Use along the West Coast of Japan
Akemi Yamashita

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