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FYI: Univ Leipzig: Rule Interaction in Grammar (LAB 90)

Author: Anke Assmann

Linguistic Field(s): Morphology

FYI Body: The Institute for Linguistics at the University of Leipzig is happy to announce that Volume 90 of Linguistische Arbeitsberichte (LAB) has been published. The volume (Fabian Heck and Anke Assman, eds.) is entitled ''Rule Interaction in Grammar'' and contains fourteen articles that investigate the interaction of phonological, morphological, and syntactic rules within and across grammatical components.

The volume is available as an online version under:

The print version will be available soon.

Table of Contents:

1. Preface
Pages v-xiii
Fabian Heck & Anke Assmann

2. Split Ergativity in Subordination
Pages 1-21
Daniela Thomas

3. Possessor Case in Udmurt: Multiple Case Assignment Feeds Postsyntactic Fusion
Pages 23-63
Anke Assmann, Svetlana Edygarova, Doreen Georgi, Timo Klein & Philipp Weisser

4. Rule Ordering in Verb Cluster Formation: On the Extraposition Paradox and the Placement of the Infinitival Particle te/zu
Pages 65-121
Martin Salzmann)

5. The Linearization of Morphological Weight
Pages 123-161
Eva Zimmermann & Jochen Trommer

6. Rule Interaction in Kleverlandish Diminutive Formation
Pages 163-176
Barbara Stiebels

7. The Super-Strong Person-Case Constraint: Scarcity of
Resources by Scale-Driven Impoverishment
Pages 177-202
Aaron Doliana

8. Three Stages in the Derivation of Free Relatives
Pages 203-245
Anke Assmann

9. A Local Reformulation of the Williams Cycle
Pages 247-299
Gereon Müller

10. In Between Subordination and Coordination: A
Minimalist Analysis of the Left Subordinating and-Construction
Pages 301-331
Philipp Weisser

11. Parametrisierter Merkmalsabgleich und das Hauptsondenprinzip
Pages 333-361
Marie-Luise Popp

12. Ergatives Move too Early: On an Instance of Opacity in Syntax
Pages 363-412
Anke Assmann, Doreen Georgi, Fabian Heck, Gereon
Müller & Philipp Weisser

13. Opaque Interaction of Internal Merge and Agree
Pages 413-461
Doreen Georgi

14. Opaque Intervention
Pages 463-509
Anke Assmann & Fabian Heck

15. On Accelerating and Decelerating Movement: A Case Study in
Harmonic Serialism
Pages 511-558
Fabian Heck & Gereon Müller

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