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FYI: Announcing the ALTA 2013 Shared Task

Author: Diego Molla

Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics

FYI Body: ALTA 2013 Shared Task


The Australasian Language Technology Association (ALTA) is organising a programming competition for university undergraduate and postgraduate students. Interested...? Read on.

Following on the series of shared tasks by ALTA since 2010, all participants compete to solve the same problem. The problem highlights an active area of research and programming in the area of language technology. You can easily obtain reasonable results with little effort yet nobody has managed to obtain 100% correct results so far.

The prize will be a minimum of $350 (Australian Dollars). This amount is guaranteed, and it may be higher depending on additional sponsorship.

We will use Kaggle in Class for this year's competition (look for the ALTA 2013 challenge,

The key dates are:

Right Now - Registration and release of training and development data
4 Oct 2013 - Deadline of submission of results
11 Oct 2013 - Notification of results
27 Oct 2013 - Deadline of submission of system description poster
5-6 Dec 2013 - ALTA workshop at Brisbane

Details of the task and registration are available at the competition website (

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