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FYI: English Education Policy (Asia and Middle East)

Author: robert kirkpatrick

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
General Linguistics

FYI Body: Call for papers

Upcoming Volume in the prestigious Springer Language Policy series.

This new book volume, due for publication in early 2014 is part of the Language Policy series.

English Education Policy in Asia and the Middle East

This volume includes comprehensive state-of-the-art reviews of Asian and Middle Eastern countries’ English education policies, giving clear assessments of the current policies and likely future trends.

The book gives a general description of English education policies in the respective countries, and then delves into the 'nuts and bolts' of the English education practice in the education system as a whole, in the schools, in the curriculum and in teaching. Essays cover issues such as the balance between English learning and the acquisition of the national language, as well as political, cultural, economic and technical aspects that strengthen or weaken the learning of English.

The book will be a critical read for policy makers, and will also help English educators and administrators to better understand their role in the implementation of the policies.

* Information for writers

Each essay should explore one country in the region and supply a focused and critical study that includes clear assessments of past, present and future English education policies. Problems, limitations, advantages and disadvantages of each countries policy should be elucidated and writers should supply background information including political, economic and cultural elements that relate to the learning of English.

It may be useful if writers also compare, to some extent, the policies and level of English with other countries in the region.

Prospective writers should contact the editor:
Dr. Robert Kirkpatrick

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