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FYI: Tlingit Language Recordings Available on the Web

Author: Alice Taff

Linguistic Field(s): Language Documentation
Anthropological Linguistics

Subject Language(s): Tlingit

Language Family: Na-Dene

FYI Body: The first of the Tlingit Conversation Documentation project materials are now available on the website At this site users will find streamed video recordings of unscripted Tlingit conversation with time-aligned Tlingit transcription (common orthography, nearly phonemic) and broad English translation.

This project, at the University of Alaska Southeast, was funded by NSF/NEH Documenting Endangered Languages awards 0651787 and 0853788. From 2007-20013, the project team recorded 40+ hours of spontaneous conversation among 60 Tlingit speakers (not all at the same time). The .wav, .mov and .eaf (ELAN annotation) files will be available for research by linguists and others. For questions or comments, please contact project PI, Alice Taff, at the following email address:

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