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FYI: European Academy of Yuste Foundation, Grant Announcement

Author: Fundación Academia Europea de Yuste

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Introduction and general aims:

The European Academy of Yuste Foundation announces its European Research and Mobility Grants for European Studies ‘Charles V European Award 2008-Simone Veil’ (ten grants of 3,000 euros each) and its “V Summer Doctoral Seminar in Contemporary European Multidisciplinary Studies” with the academic support of SEGEI (SocioEconomic Governance and European Identity) Research Network , to take place at the Royal Monastery of Yuste (Extremadura, Spain) in the second week of July 2009.

These grants are aimed at supporting:

- the research within Europe required to prepare the contribution to the doctoral seminar in the Royal Monastery of Yuste;
- the researchers’ travel to Yuste to participate in the seminar and to attend the ceremony of presentation of the research papers;
- the publication of the researchers’ contributions in a collective work, encompassing the results of the research carried out in the framework of these grants.

The research theme for these “Charles V European Award” grants is related to the latest recipient of the Prize awarded by the European Academy of Yuste Foundation, in this case former President of the European Parliament Simone Veil. As a consequence, the research theme for 2008-2009 will be, from a multidisciplinary viewpoint, “Memories and Places of Memory in Europe”:

These grants are intended for doctoral students who are carrying out research in a field related to this topic, to enable them to prepare a research paper for presentation and debate in a Doctoral Seminar on Contemporary European Multdisciplinary Studies, organised by the European Academy of Yuste Foundation. This Doctoral Seminar, coordinated by the SEGEI Research Network and the University of Extremadura, will take place at the Royal Monastery of Yuste and Palace of Charles V (Extremadura), during the second week of July 2009. The Seminar will be attended by members of the SEGEI Research Network, guest experts and Yuste Alumni from previous sessions. The proceedings of the Seminar will be published in the Foundation’s “Cuadernos de Yuste” series (PIE – Peter Lang).

Selection criteria and beneficiaries:

To qualify for these grants, candidates should be European students in the process of writing a PhD dissertation in history, political sciences, economics, law and other disciplines of human and social sciences, as well as other scientific fields, on the topic of “Memories and Places of Memory in Europe”. Candidates should not have obtained a similar Charles V Award grant from the European Academy of Yuste Foundation or from the SEGEI Network in previous editions.

Considering that one of the aims of the European Academy of Yuste Foundation is to approach Europe and Extremadura, a special stress is made to invite researchers from Extremadura to participate in this competition, reserving one grant for a project submitted by a researcher from that region.

Papers can be written in English, Spanish or French. However, for organisational reasons, presentations at the Seminar, as well as presentations regarding publication and results of research, will be made only in English or Spanish. Participants whose mother tongue is not one of these two languages should present proof of proficiency in either.

Grant application dates:

Applications for the ‘Charles V European Award 2008-Simone Veil’ can be submitted from December 16, 2008 to February 6, 2009 (postmarked at the latest on this date) to the address on the application form, which is available in Spanish, French and English on the web page of the European Academy of Yuste Foundation,

Candidates should also fill out the application in electronic format and send it by e-mail to the following address: This is a compulsory requirement for all candidates.

To receive more information on the requirements and qualifications, or request a copy of the application, please email Professor Miguel Ángel Martín Ramos at
Or visit us online at:

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