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FYI: Glottolog 2.1, Catalog of the World's Languages

Author: Martin Haspelmath

Linguistic Field(s): Typology

FYI Body: The LINGUIST List readers may be interested to learn that there's a new version of Glottolog, the comprehensive catalog of the world's languages, which now includes about 200,000 bibliographical references:

Glottolog is similar to Ethnologue and the LINGUIST List's Multitree in that it contains a complete list of the world's languages (hierarchically arranged by genealogy), but in addition it contains a large number of references on these languages. Moreover, for each language there are links to other resources (Mulitree, LL-Map, Wikipedia, ELCat, WALS).

Please let us know if you think that Glottolog contains mistakes or is incomplete with respect to a language that you have special knowledge of!

Sebastian Nordhoff, Harald Hammarström, Martin Haspelmath, Robert Forkel

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