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FYI: SemEval 2014: Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis

Author: Maria Pontiki

Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics

Subject Language(s): English

FYI Body: Call For Participation at the SemEval 2014 Task 4:

Training Data for the Task 4 (Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis) are now available for download through:

The aim of this task is to allow a finer-grained aspect based sentiment analysis (ABSA).

The goal is to identify the aspects (e.g. battery, screen; food, service) of given target entities (cf. laptop, restaurant) and the sentiment expressed towards each aspect.

Task Description:
Sentiment analysis is increasingly viewed as a vital task both from an academic and a commercial standpoint. The majority of existing evaluations in Sentiment Analysis (SA) are aimed at evaluating the overall polarity of a sentence, paragraph, or text span. In contrast, this task will provide evaluation for detecting aspects and the sentiment expressed towards each aspect.

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