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FYI: Psychological Experiment Software Questionnaire

Author: Noor Alvi

Linguistic Field(s): Not Applicable
Discipline of Linguistics

FYI Body: My name is Noor Alvi and I am an MSc student at University of Huddersfield. Answer of the following question will help in my dissertation report writing. I will be very thankful if you could spend some time on this short questionnaire.

1.Do you use any software for audio and audiovisual experiment design?
a.If “Yes” then please name it and if possible give any reason for using it.
b.If “No” then please choose any reason from the following
i.Available software are too expensive
ii.Training is required to use the software
iii.Available software are not fulfilling my requirements
2.What are the common problems/limitations of these software/applications?
3.What are the good features of these software/applications?
4.Any addition of a special feature that can be helpful for the researchers?

Noor Alvi

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