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FYI: Army Lang Program, Free Software, ASL/URL

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FYI Body: Hello again from the exciting world of Army Military Intelligence! The
buddy program is still in effect. We have slots this week for Tagalog
and Persian Farsi.

And of course the Army can still pay back up to 65,000 dollars in
student loans as well as up to 12,000 as a cash incentive.

No loans? you can get 50,000 for continuing your education with the Army
college fund!!

We pay you to go to school and learn a foreign language, it's tha
simple. In return you use your language skills in the Army for 4 years.

There are always slots for Russian, Korean, Arabic and Chinese. Check
out last weeks postings for more info.

SSG Hudon 702-639-2047/48

I recently found a free bit of software that has been useful to me.
Working with non-Roman alphabets, it's often difficult to find the righ
character in a font, and the Character Map utility that comes with Windows
is hard to use.

Here's their description of the alternative:

"ExtendedCharacterMap is a replacement for the Windows Character Map
utility that provides a larger display of sample characters. The utility is
especially useful for viewing the pictures in a symbol or Dingbat font. The
keystroke name is displayed in the program's status bar. Any character or
series of characters can be quickly copied to the clipboard. Editors' Pick
at PC World. (portion taken from Softseek's review)"

This is available at

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George Aaron Broadwell,
Dept. of Anthropology, UAlbany, Albany NY 12222
(518)-442-4711 Web page:
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"I really do not know that anything has ever been more exciting than
diagramming sentences." Gertrude Stein, Lectures in America, 1935.

I recently posted an "FYI" indicating that ASL has been accepted as
filling the foreign-language requirement at New York University, and
directing people to a URL for more information.

That URL has now been changed to

I apologize for any inconvenience.

Michael Hamm
BA, Math, Aug. '00

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