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FYI: InterArbora, Literacy Across Cultures

Author: Jo Calder

FYI Body: The Language Technology Group of the University of Edinburgh is
pleased to announce the provision of a new Internet service --- tree
delivery. Visit the web page,

provide a bracketed string, press submit and have the tree delivered
direct to your desk top. There is normally a short delay when you
first use this service, in order for Java to start, and for the
InterArbora code to be shipped across.

The tree you receive can be edited, and you can generate a PostScrip

Happy tree drawing,

- Jo Calder

Relevant URLs:
the Thistle editor
the Language Technology Group

This is to announce to linguistlist readers that we are making our
publication, Literacy Across Cultures (LAC), a practitioner
publication with a strong applied linguistics focus, available for
free in plain text e-mail form. Just send an e-mail titled "LAC" to
me and I will add you to the mailing list.

Here is the table of contents to get an idea of what is in this issue
of LAC:


I. Feature Articles

A. In Others' Words: How Learners Construct Reading
by Andy Barfield

B. Enabling a Reader Through Picture Books: A Case
by Fatimah Hashim

C. Acquiring Communicative Competence in the
Reading Classroom
by Maya Khemlani David

II. Links to Literacy: Websites

Linking Yourself to Professional Developmen
by Charles Jannuzi

III. It is Written: Review Essays

A. Beginning to Read and the Spin Doctors of Science:
The Political Campaign to Change America's Mind
about How Children Learn to Read
Reviewed by Charles Jannuzi

B. The Plain English Guide: How to Write Clearly and
Communicate Better
Reviewed by Charles Jannuzi

IV. Call for Papers with Submission Guidelines

V. LAC and FL Literacy SIG Contact Information


Charles Jannuzi
FL Literacy SIG of JALT
LAC List Coordinator
Fukui University, Japan or or

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