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FYI: SASAL/Student Web Site, Update/Leaving Notes

Author: Rofheart

FYI Body: SASAL (Student Association for Sociolinguistics and Anthropological

We would like to announce a new organization for students studying or
interested in sociolinguistics and/or anthropological linguistics. SASAL is
an informal forum for students to discuss research and student concerns, as
well as a means to get to know other students with similar interests from
different schools around the world.

SASAL's website is located at

To subscribe to the SASAL mailing list, send a message to
<> saying "subscribe". To unsubscribe, send
a message to the same address saying "unsubscribe". To post to the list,
email directly to <>.

We are in the process of forming a mailing list for all who want to join. We
are also scheduled to hold an informal meeting during the NWAVE conference in
Toronto (Oct. 14-17, 1999).

For further information, please contact Maryam Bakht-Rofhear
<> or Uri Horesh <>.

Recently some questions were raised about leaving notes on a web-site.
The poster of the original FYI message provides the following information:

The points made are indeed important. I tried both third voice
and utok, and found that utok doesn't slow you down at all. I enjoy
working with it and find it useful and a lot of fun.
With regard to the questions raised, I sent a massage to and
these are their answers:

uTokdoes not interfere or slow the browsing experience at all.
Withregard to the quality of the notes: in uTOK, users vote on
notes that they read , and notes that get a lot of "thumbs down" are
deleted. In this way, the quality of the content is controlled in a
democratic way.
The user-created groups allow people to filter the notes they read
only to notes from their groups (currently groups are open to all, in
the future groups can be closed and moderated)
Withregard to the lifetime of the notes: notes can be deleted only in
two ways: the author of the note deleted his note ; or many people
voted down on a note so it was automatically deleted. Other than
that notes are not deleted
Withregard to security: in uTok the notes are text-only (not HTML-
based like in third voice), so the user and his machine are completely

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