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FYI: Sumerian Lexicon, Year 2000, Humor Studies

Author: John A. Halloran

FYI Body: The on-line lexicon of the ancient Sumerian language has doubled in size to
3,766 words.

Version 3.0 also has a new home at:


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John Halloran

If your VCR has a year setting on it, which most do,
you will not be able to use the programmed recording
feature after 12/31/99. Don't throw it away.
Instead set it for the year 1972 as the days are the
same as the year 2000.
> The manufacturers won't tell you. They want you to
>buy a new Y2k VCR. Pass this along to all your friends.

Dear all,

The following mail was posted in the ALAD bulletin. Thought some of
you might find these links useful and/or interesting ;-)

From: Don Nilsen <>

Humor Scholars:

If you are interested in the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF 20TH CENTURY

If you are interested in the "International Society for Humor
Studies," please go to:

If you are interested in the 12th International ISHS Humor
Conference at Kansai University in Osaka, Japan during the year 2000,
please go to:

Don L. F. Nilsen, Executive Secretary
International Society for Humor Studies
English Linguistics, Arizona State Univ.
Tempe, AZ 85287-0302
<>; 480/965-7592
FAX: 480/965-3451

tafn mike
Michal Lisecki, Ph.D candidate <>
Institute of Slavonic Studies, University of Silesia (Poland) <> finger 4 my PGP

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