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FYI: Cluster Analysis Program, Parser Guide Web Site

Author: Lisa Bond

FYI Body: I have just been recommended a cluster analysis program developed by
Sawtooth but available in Europe from their distributor, SKIM products,
both are available on the internet and demo disks are also available.

SPSS also contains a cluster analysis element, though this is no
considered to be as easy to use as the Sawtooth product.

Karen Smith, an employee here at Ergo, has put together a very nice
web based guided tour of the parsers of the world which makes it easy
to find and try all the different parsers of the world. It is also a very
convenient way to compare parsers and make notes about their
various strong and weak points. The site also contains a section
with sample sentences chosen from the domain of practical
applications and a set of standards for evaluating parsers. Both
are available at The parser tour is under
the heading "Parsers of the World" and the sample sentences and
standards are under "Parsing Contest".

I highly recomend this site for anyone with an interest in NLP.

Phil Bralich

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