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FYI: Syntax Software, Translators' Website

Author: Su-ying Hsiao

FYI Body: Joseph Hilferty posted a message on how to use the Syntax Student's
Companion program(a Java application to draw syntactic trees) on
Oct. 8. Unfortunately, Macintosh users cannot use the SSC program by
the way Joseph described.

To run the SSC program on a Mac, Mac users need MacOS Runtime for
Java, which comes with the system software or can be downloaded from , the SSC program, and an application which
"tells" the computer where the Java archive *.jar is and which file
should be executed first. Here's the way to write such a program by

First, you need an application called JBindery. JBindery is a
component of MRJ SDK 2.1 (Mac OS Runtime for Java Software Developmen
Kit), which can be downloaded from

a. Launch JBindery
b. Go to "command" panel. Type in the class name: SSCFrame
c. Switch to "classpath" panel. Click the button "Add manually"
d. Add an item to classpath "file:///$APPLICATION/SSC.jar" then click "OK"
e. Click "Save settings", name the settings as SSC4Mac (or any name you
like) and save it to the folder "SSC041" (where the SSC program is).
f. Quit JBindery

Make sure to place SSC4Mac application in the same folder as
SSC.jar. You can make an alias and use the alias to launch the
program. To use the SSC program, double click the SSC4Mac

Hope this helps.

Su-ying Hsiao
Institute of Linguistics
Academia Sinica
Taipei, Taiwan

Stella Su-ying Hsiao
Institute of Linguistics
Academia Sinica
Taipei, TAIWAN

Dear fellow linguists,

After several months of tinkering with our Website, it is now available for
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