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FYI: "Slashed C"; Language May 2004 Book Notice List

Author: Deborah Anderson

Linguistic Field(s): Phonetics

FYI Body: Feedback is requested from linguists regarding the encoding of LATIN SMALL LETTER C WITH STROKE as a phonetic symbol (Unicode Public Review Issue #35).

Description: At the February 2004 meeting of the Unicode Technical Committee, a proposal was considered to encode the phonetic symbol LATIN SMALL LETTER C WITH STROKE. Some reservation was expressed on the part of some committee members, however, due to potential legacy encoding issues. A decision was made to give tentative approval of this character, but to prepare a public review issue to elici feedback on the pros and cons of encoding this character.

The document, written by Peter Constable, is located at: .

Please send feedback via the online form: or you can send an email message to me at for forwarding. Deadline for comments **8 June 2004**.

This is part of an effort to solicit feedback from users of the Slashed C. If you have questions, please contact the proposal author, Peter Constable ( or Deborah Anderson (

Deborah Anderson
Researcher, Dept. of Linguistics
UC Berkeley

The Book Notice list for Language is housed at the USC Linguistics Program website:

A link to Language Book Reviews is at the bottom of the program's index page. From the Language Book Reviews page you will find a link to the MAY 2004 Book Notice list. Requests for books should be made through the on-line request form also found on that page.

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