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FYI: 4th Intl Phd School/Formal Languages

Author: Carlos Martin-Vide

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics


Rovira i Virgili University
Research Group on Mathematical Linguistics
Tarragona, Spain

Awarded with the Mark of Quality (Mencion de Calidad) by the Spanish Ministry for Education and Science, MCD2003-00820


Candidate students for the programme are welcome from around the world. Most appropriate degrees include: Computer Science and Mathematics. Other students (for instance, from Linguistics, Logic or Engineering) could be accepted provided they have a good undergraduate background in discrete mathematics. At the beginning of the first term, a series of lessons on discrete mathematics advanced pre-requisites will be offered, in order to homogenize the students' mathematical background.
Before applying to the programme and in order to check eligibility, the student must be certain that the highest university degree s/he go enables her/him to be enrolled in a doctoral programme in her/his home country.

Tuition Fees:
1,867 euros in total, approximately.

After following the courses, the students enrolled in the programme will have to write and defend a research project and, later, a dissertation in English in their own area of interest, in order to get the so-called European PhD degree (which is a standard PhD degree with an additional mark of quality). All the professors in the programme will be allowed to supervise students' work.
During the teaching semesters, funding opportunities will be provided by the Spanish Ministry for Education and Science (mobility grants), by the Spanish Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Becas MAE), and by the European Commission (Alban scheme, for Latin American citizens). Additionally, the university may have a very limited amount of economic resources itself for covering the tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses
of a few more students.
Immediately after the courses and during the writing of the PhD dissertation, some of the best students will be offered 4-year research fellowships, which will allow them to work in the framework of the hos research group.

Pre-Registration Procedure:
In order to be pre-registered, one should post to the programme chairman:
. xerocopy of the main page of the passport,
. xerocopy of the highest university education diploma,
. xerocopy of the academic record,
. full CV,
. letters of recommendation (optional),
. any other document to prove background, interest and motivation

Announcement of the programme: July 31, 2004
Pre-registration deadline: October 31, 2004
Selection of students: November 5, 2004
Starting of the 1st term (tentative): March 29, 2005
End of the 1st term (tentative): July 11, 2005
Starting of the 2nd term (tentative): September 12, 2005
End of the 2nd term (tentative): December 23, 2005
Defense of the research project (tentative): September 16, 2006
DEA examination (tentative): March 17, 2007

Questions and Further Information:
Please, contact the programme chairman, Carlos Martin-Vide, a

Postal Address:
Research Group on Mathematical Linguistics
Rovira i Virgili University
Pl. Imperial Tarraco, 1
43005 Tarragona, Spain
Phone: +34-977-559543
Fax: +34-977-559597

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