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Author: Joe Kelly

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The Latin Page
A page designed for Latin teachers in the secondary schools.

ILLC Research Reports and Technical Notes
- ---------------------------------------

This document contains the titles of the reports that appeared
in the ILLC report series during this year.
All ILLC reports are available from the ILLC bureau.
Many are also electronically available,
by WWW at and
or FTP at
The ILLC bureau may be contacted by email, at

Reports are numbered Series-Year-Number, where `Series' is one of
LP = Logic, Philosophy and Linguistics
ML = Mathematical Logic and Foundations
CT = Computation and Complexity Theory

- --------------------------------------------------------------------

Report LP-96-01
Title: Understanding Understanding
Author: Renate Bartsch

Report LP-96-02
Title: Presupposition
Author: David Beaver

Report LP-96-03
Title: Compositionality
Author: Theo M.V. Janssen

Report LP-96-04
Title: Dynamics
Author: Reinhard Muskens, Johan van Benthem, Albert Visser

Report LP-96-05
Title: Angluin's Theorem for Indexed Families of R.E. Sets and Applications
Author: Dick de Jongh, Makoto Kanazawa

Report LP-96-06
Title: The Functional Completeness of 4-value Monotonic Protothetics
Author: Fran\c{c}ois Lepage, Serge Lapierre

Report LP-96-07
Title: Probabilistic Belief Expansion and Conditioning
Author: Frans Voorbraak

Report LP-96-08
Title: The Power of Vacillation in Language Learning
Author: John Case

Report LP-96-09
Title: An Update on \em Might \em
Author: Jaap van der Does, Willem Groeneveld, Frank Veltman

Report LP-96-10
Title: Reasoning about Information Change
Author: Jelle Gerbrandy, Willem Groeneveld

Report LP-96-11
Title: Propositional Attitudes in Dynamic Conceptual Semantics
Author: Renate Bartsch

Report LP-96-12
Title: Reference and Representation
Author: Paul Dekker

Report LP-96-13
Title: Data-Oriented Language Processing: An Overview
Author: Rens Bod, Remko Scha

Report LP-96-14
Title: A Logic of Vision
Author: Michiel van Lambalgen, Jaap van der Does

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