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FYI: Deadline, Spanish corpora, Chinese site

Author: Remi Zajac

FYI Body: Due to some conflicting dealines, the IJCAI-97 Workshop on Ontologies
and Multilingual NLP submission deadline is extended: new submission

Monday March 24

See the full annoucement at <>

- -
Rimi Zajac

I am posting this message on behalf Francisco A. Marcos-Marin
<>. Please send any comments or answers to him!

| | Eul`alia de Bobes |
| | Lab. de Ling"u'istica Inform'atica |
| | Univ. Aut'onoma de Barcelona |
| | (Dept. Filolog'ia Espan~ola) |



A list has reproduced a message expressing doubts on the
availability of our corpora (spoken Peninsular, written
Argentinian and written Chilean) for anonymous ftp users a

As both Fernando Sanchez and myself have been receiving
queries about the truth of that statement, I beg willing
persons to redistribute the following message to any
interested list:

All three corpora are still available via anonymous ftp
in the Laboratorio de Linguistica Informatica at UAM
(Universidad Autonoma de Madrid).

If you have had troubles with getting any of them is
because they reside in a small SUN computer that is used
for heavy processing and the number of anonymous visitors
is very restricted in number. Unfortunately, the ftp
software does not report this fact and some visitors tend
to leave open connections for days. Anyway, frustrated ftpers
should try to mail us ({fernando,fmarcos}
explaining their difficulties before posting a message to a

Please, try again, as there is only one visitor at the
moment (Wednesday, 12 9:50 a.m. Spanish time).

The easiest way, however, is trying


or my personal page, as at the bottom of this message, and go
to our ftp services.

Francisco A. Marcos Marin Ap. 46348 E-28080 Madrid
fax: (34+ 1) 535 2463 Spain


A Chinese Language Site for Streaming Sound Delivery has been set up at:

You are invited to test this new facility with comparasion to conventional
sound files such as Microsoft Wave format.

Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.
- ------------
Dr. Lizhong Zhang, Lecturer in Chinese Studies
School of Management, Technology and Environmen
La Trobe University, Bendigo, VIC 3552, Australia
Tel: 03-54447570; 61-3-54447570 (international)
Fax: 03-54447998; 61-3-54447998 (international)

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