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FYI: Bilingual, Journal, Lg Teach, Course

Author: Li Wei

FYI Body: We have received a number of enquiries regarding the following
journal. Here are the correct details.

International Journal of Bilingualism: Cross-Disciplinary
Cross-Linguistic Studies of Language Behaviour
is published by Kingston Press, London, UK, ISSN 1367-0069

FYI ("for your information")// cheers, ach
Alan C. Harris, Ph. D. TELNOS: main off: 818-677-2853
Professor, Communication/Linguistics direct off: 818-677-2874
Speech Communication Departmen
California State University, Northridge home: 818-366-3165
SPCH CSUN FAX: 818-677-2663
Northridge, CA 91330-8257 INTERNET email: ALAN.HARRIS@CSUN.EDU
WWW homepage:
> From: Peter White <peterw@lingua.cltr.uq.OZ.AU>
> To: applix@lingua.cltr.uq.OZ.AU
> Subject: New e-journal
> Inaugural issue of Language, Society and Culture: an electronic
> journal from the Uni. of Tasmania. From the language-ed-and-policy
> list.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> Dear Colleague,
> >
> >We would like to announce the
> >arrival of our first issue of the International Internet Journal: Language,
> >Society and Culture.
> >
> >The Journal has its normal WEB site at:
> >
> The first Issue includes the following articles:
> The Grammar of Self in Second and Other Language Learning.
> Mary Ann Fenimore,
> University of Victoria,
> Canada.
> The Cultural Framing of Communication in Management Education.
> Ian Reid & Denise Mulligan.
> Curtin University of Technology,
> Perth, Western Australia.
> Prescriptivity, Genderlect and Students-centred Second Language
> Learning Environments.
> Felicia Zhang & Chris McMahon,
> James Cook University,
> Queensland, Australia.
> Review Article
> Translating by Factors, by Christoph Gutknecht and Lutz J. Rolle
> Eva Meidl,
> University of Tasmania,
> Hobart Campus, Tasmania, Australia.
> Editor
> Thao Le
> Dr. Thao Le
> School of Education
> University of Tasmania
> PO Box 1214, Launceston, Tas. Australia 7250
> emai

Eguchi, Eiko
Japanese Co-editor of The Language Teacher

The announcement:

The Language Teacher, JALT's monthly professional journal, invites you to
submit papers in Japanese on any aspect of language teaching, and related
areas of applied linguistics. Articles of up to 8,000 Japanese characters.
Three copies are required. An English abstract up to 150 words, Japanese
biographical information up to 200 Japanese characters, and any
photographs, tables , or drawings should appear on separate sheets of
paper, with a coversheet bearing your name, address, phone/fax number, and
email address. Manuscripts should follow the American Psychological
Association (APA) style. If at all possible, please send MAC format floppy
or email attachment as well. Please send submission materials to: KINUGAWA
Takao, Tsukuba Daigaku Ryugakusei Center 1-1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba-shi 305.


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The course covers the theory and practice of speech and language
processing. It runs from early October to September and
consists of two terms lectures and practicals followed by a three
month project. The final degree is awarded on the basis of coursework,
examination and project.

Unlike some alternative programmes, the course aims to provide a
in-depth practical and theoretical grounding in the techniques
for speech and language processing which form the basis for today's
commercial and research prototype systems. There are strong links
with industry and the great majority of past students have gone on to
doctoral work or to jobs in industrial research laboratories.

Cambridge is a major international centre for research in both speech
and language processing. The course lecturers and demonstrators are
directly involved in leading edge research within the university and
in collaboration with other European and US industrial and academic

There are currently a number of EPSRC studentships available for the
course to qualifying applicants. We encourage applications from
students with a background in engineering, computer science,
linguistics and/or psychology.

For further details please consult the course URL:

or contact:

Mrs Mavis Barber (M.Phil Computer Speech & Language Processing)
Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge
Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1PZ, UK
Tel: +44-1223-332752
Fax: +44-1223-332662

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