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FYI Body: The current issue (1/16/97) of O-Hayo Sensei, the twice-monthly
newsletter of teaching jobs in Japan, is now available. #1 contains
positions in universities, public, and conversation schools, and
includes a free classified ad section.

O-Hayo Sensei is available free via e-mail as a text-only documen
(about 43K), by sending a message with ONLY this EXACT text string in
the body:

get issue

to ONLY this address:

O-Hayo Sensei will be sent to you within a few hours.

Or, you can visit the WWW site first for a preview and more


Good luck!
Lynn Cullivan
Editor, O-Hayo Sensei

"LINGUSTIC TYPOLOGY" - a new journal

The first issue of _Linguistic Typology_ is about to appear at Mouton
de Gruyter. It contains articles by Scott DeLancey, Simon Kirby, Frans
Plank & Wolfgang Schellinger as well as reviews by Bernard Comrie,
Edith Moravcsik, and Michael Noonan. _LT_ - the publication of the
Association for Linguistic Typology (ALT) - will be published in three
issues per year with a total of approximately 400 pages.

Submissions for subsequent volumes are encouraged. Studies of
particular parameters or clusters of parameters of typological
variation, papers on the theory and methodology of typology, as well
as brief reports on typological implications, language or language
family profiles, topical bibliographies, and items on the history of
typology are all welcome.

For subscription, submission, and further information, please contac
the Editor-in-Chief, Frans Plank. (MAIL: Sprachwissenschaft,
Universitaet Konstanz, Postfach 5560 D175, D-78434 Konstanz, Germany;
FAX: 49-7531-882741; E-MAIL:

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