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FYI: Address correction, Journals available

Author: Mark Mandel

FYI Body: The author of 8.31, Sum: "bury" and "charcoal" misspelled the mailing
address of the email discussion list of the American Dialect Soc'y (or
transmitted a misspelling as she had received it). The error seems to
be due to lower-case visual ambiguity, so I'll use upper-case, which
is non-distinctive. The correct address is

However, if no one volunteers to take it over from the curren
administrator and host, the list will die soon.

Mark A. Mandel :
Dragon Systems, Inc. : speech recognition : +1 617 965-5200
320 Nevada St., Newton, MA 02160, USA :
Personal home page:

As was reported on Linguist, Professor R. M. R. Hall died recently. I
am aiding the family is disposing of his linguistics library. There
are 19 boxes of journals for which we would like to find a good home.
The biggest chunk of this is a complete run of Language, in addition
there are a large number of issues of IJAL and Word, as well as a
number of others. The first library or linguistics department which
can use this material and is willing to pay the shipping costs may
have it. EMAIL me at

There are also good selections of historical linguistics (mostly
Indo-European) and classics also looking for a good home. Please
email me if you know of one.

Frank Anshen

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