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FYI: Language and Linguistics Compass Forum

Author: Fatemeh Abdollahi

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

FYI Body: The latest issue of the Wiley-Blackwell Language & Linguistics Compass
Discussion Forum is now available on The LINGUIST List. This feature
provides access to full text copies of select articles for free online.
After reading an article, you can post a comment on the article's
discussion page, or read what others have said.

The new featured articles in this issue are:

- Distributed Morphology
By Daniel Siddiqi

- Language of the Aging Brain: Event-Related Potential Studies of
Comprehension in
By Edward W. Wlotko, Chia-Lin Lee, Kara D. Federmeier

- Humor in Interaction
By Neal R. Norrick

- Issues in the Analysis of Chinese Tone
By Jie Zhang

- Learning How to Learn Languages: The Teaching & Learning of African Languages
By John M. Mugane

- The Prehistory and Internal Relationships of Australian Languages
By Patrick McConvell, Claire Bowern

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