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Author: Adam YH

Linguistic Field(s): Psycholinguistics
Language Acquisition

FYI Body: Hello everyone,

I thought I would let any interested linguists know about the CYCLE
(Curtiss-Yamada Comprehensive Language Evaluation). The CYCLE
was developed by Dr. Susan Curtiss, who is most famous for working
with Genie, and Dr. Jeni Yamada.

The CYCLE is an in-depth assessment test that allows the clinician or
researcher to examine comprehensively, a subject’s linguistic
knowledge and performance in syntax, morphology, and semantics,
and submodules in these components.

The CYCLE covers structures and features that emerge between 1 1/2
and 10 years of age, the active language development years. It
includes a wide range of linguistic structures, including early to late
acquired forms and grammatically simple to grammatically complex
forms. The structures covered thus comprise a major part of the
grammatical core of English. The CYCLE is useful for assessing
whether specific aspects of the grammar are intact or affected and can
be used with subjects across a wide range of ages and cognitive

The CYCLE has been available for many years, but we have recently
made efforts to make the test more widely available by launching a
website. We hope others will find it very useful in research.

To learn more about the test please visit our website.

Thank you!

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