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FYI: All-New SpecGram (Mid-April 2012) Online

Author: Trey Jones

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

FYI Body: Greetings Linguists!

The Mid-April 2012 issue of Speculative Grammarian--the premier
scholarly journal featuring research in the neglected field of satirical
linguistics--is now available online for your browsing pleasure.

The editors and publishers of SpecGram and Psammeticus Press,
along with the archivists of the Weyland Tiberius Flanderklieg Archives,
are pleased to announce that yet another special supplemental
monograph is now available. ''Why Princes are not Scribes, and the
Rat Eats Grain'' is an ancient, epic mytho-linguistic tale of the little-
known Kenduzandi culture.

Next time (May 2012), we will have another all-new issue of
Speculative Grammarian.

Also, we're pleased to unveil the previously denied AutoGrammatikon
Quasi-Universal Translator, a fully-functioning, self-conscious artificial
intelligence system that can translate between 200+ languages.


-Trey Jones
Managing Editor, Speculative Grammarian

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