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FYI: Call for Book Chapters for New Versions of LARSP

Author: Martin Ball

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics

FYI Body: Clinical Linguists to author new versions of LARSP

Martin Ball, David Crystal and Paul Fletcher have recently edited a
book collecting together new versions of LARSP (Language
Assessment Remediation Screening Procedure) for 12 languages other
than the original English. Details are available at .
LARSP is used to assess the syntax and morphology of children and
adults with language disorders.

This project proved so successful that they have now been contracted
to produce a second volume by the same publisher. This volume will
cover a further 15 languages and the projected publication date is
2013. Since they settled the final contents of volume 2, they have
already received offers for chapters in a third volume but, for this to be
feasible, they need to expand the number of chapters and to fill some
of the most important gaps in linguistic coverage that we still have.

Clinical Linguists and Speech Pathologists working on the following
languages are invited to contact Martin Ball if they are interested in
possibly contributing to this new volume: Bulgarian, Czech, Italian,
Polish, Romanian, any languages of the former Soviet Union other than
Russian, Swahili, and Tagalog.

The chapters of this edition would follow the format of chapters in the
first. There would be a brief grammatical sketch, an account of normal
linguistic development where that is available for the language, and the
design of a LARSP chart for the language concerned. An optional final
section would be a brief account of the use of the chart with actual
clients if that has been undertaken. Researchers unfamiliar with LARSP
will be provided with descriptions of this assessment procedure.

Chapters should be between 6000 and 8000 words including
references. At the moment dates for submissions have not been
decided. It would, however, be no earlier than the end of 2013.

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