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FYI: Word Profiler for Contemporary Written Japanese

Author: Mikio Giriko

Linguistic Field(s): Text/Corpus Linguistics

FYI Body: We are pleased to announce that an epoch-making corpus-browsing
tool, NLB (NINJAL-Lago Word Profiler for the Balanced Corpus of
Contemporary Written Japanese), has just been launched and is
available on NINJAL’s website:

NLB, jointly developed by NINJAL and Lago Insititute for Language,
uses the technique of lexical profiling and allows the user to
profile, without much knowledge of computers, the collocational and
grammatical behaviour of the Japanese nouns, verbs, adjectives, and
adverbs included in NINJAL’s Balanced Corpus of Contemporary
Written Japanese (BCCWJ).

Access is free of charge for academic and educational use. For
commercial use, please consult us beforehand at:

Your feedback is always welcomed and appreciated. For general
comments, suggestions and questions, email us at:

For technical ones at:

Enjoy browsing the BCCWJ corpus using NLB!!!

Department of Crosslinguistic Studies
National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics (NINJAL)
10-2 Midori-cho, Tachikawa-shi,
Tokyo 190-8561, JAPAN.

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