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FYI: LSA Institute Photos?

Author: Andries Coetzee

Linguistic Field(s): Not Applicable

FYI Body: Dear fellow linguists,

As you all (hopefully) know, the University of Michigan will host the
2013 LSA Institute (

As we prepare for this wonderful event, we started wondering about
the value that these Institutes have for the Linguistics community as a
whole, and for individual linguists. And what better way to visualize this
value than through photographs and pictures that were taken at
previous Institutes? We have seen some wonderful pictures taken at
lectures and at social events at previous Institutes. These pictures
really exemplify what an Institute is all about -- both intellectual
stimulation and socializing.

We would like to collect as many photographs and pictures from
previous Institutes as possible. It doesn't matter whether it is of the
2011 Colorado Institute or an Institute from the 1950's. Any and all
photos will be appreciated. However, we are particularly interested in
images from the pre-internet era Institutes -- since there is virtually no
pictorial record of these events.

So, if you have ever been to an Institute and if you have pictures lying
around in a drawer or sitting somewhere on a harddrive, please send
those to us. We will create a place where these can all reside on the
Web. It could become a wonderful pictorial record of the history of the
Institute, and of Linguistics.

Please go through your drawers and find these pictures, scan them
and e-mail to us. Or of they are already electronic, just e-mail them.
The more information you can supply the better. We would minimally
need to know which Institute the picture was taken at. But more
information, such as who is in the picture, the occasion at which it was
taken, etc. would also help.

Please send images to:

And feel free to contact Andries Coetzee with any questions

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