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FYI: Corpus of Contemporary Spanish (540 Million Words)

Author: Carlos Subirats

Linguistic Field(s): Text/Corpus Linguistics

Subject Language(s): Spanish

FYI Body: Corpus del Español Actual (CEA) / The Corpus of Contemporary Spanish (Powered by CQPweb)

The Corpus del Español Actual (the Corpus of Contemporary Spanish) contains 540 million words, which have been lemmatized and tagged with detailed part-of-speech information. The CEA is made up of the following texts:

- The Spanish part of the eleven-language parallel corpus Europarl: European Parliament Proceedings Parallel Corpus, v. 6 (1996-2010);
- The Spanish portion of the trilingual Wikicorpus, v. 1.0, which was extracted from a snapshot of Wikipedia (2006); and
- The Spanish part of the seven-language parallel corpus MultiUN: Multilingual UN Parallel Text 2000-2009, a corpus made up of the resolutions of the United Nations.

The CEA was tagged using an online Spanish dictionary containing 635,000 wordforms, which was automatically generated from a dictionary of 86,000 single-word lemmas (e.g., unir, inmoralidad, allí) and 26,000 multiword lemmas (e.g., muerte cerebral, carga de profundidad, de armas tomar) (Subirats 1989, 1992, 1994a, 1994b; Mogorrón 1994; Garrido 1999; Bobes 2000). Tag disambiguation was carried out with intersecting finite-state automata using lexical and syntactic information (Subirats 1998, Subirats and Ortega 2000, 2001, Ortega in progress).

Searching the CEA

The query interface for the CEA is CQPweb, which uses some of the components of the IMS Open Corpus Workbench (CWB), a set of open-source tools for managing and searching large corpora -- including the Corpus Query Processor (CQP).

More information and access to the corpus:

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