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FYI: Free Linguistic E-Lectures on YouTube

Author: J├╝rgen Handke

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

FYI Body: VLC (Linguistic) YouTube-channel breaks the 100,000 views barrier only 8 months after its launch!

For many years, the linguistics classes at the University of Marburg have been supported by multimedia learning units, so that the in-class phases can be used almost entirely for practice. The platform for the exchange of content is the Virtual Linguistics Campus ( Registration is free and entitles you to use a variety of options, e.g. more than 350 linguistic e-learning units or the Language Index with over 1,000 audio examples of the world's languages.

Since the April 2012 all linguistic classes have also been linked to linguistic videos (E-Lectures, Suggestions for In-Class Activities, Screencasts, Class Descriptions). On the VLC, the videos are linked directly to the e-learning units, however, they can also be used freely on YouTube via:

Since all videos are recorded in English, they enjoy great international popularity. Currently, there are more than 130 videos about a variety of linguistic topics, more videos will be produced in the coming months.

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