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FYI: Accelerating Integrative Research: Neuroscience and Cognitive Science

Author: William Badecker

Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive Science

FYI Body: NSF Seeking Proposals to Accelerate Integrative Research in Neuroscience & Cognitive Science

The National Science Foundation recently released a Dear Colleague Letter (DCL) seeking proposals with the potential to transform neuroscience and cognitive science. We invite proposals that accelerate new integrative research across disciplines and across spatial and temporal scales of analysis in cognitive science and neuroscience. Such approaches will enhance our understanding of how the brain regulates the individual's biology, processes complex social and physical cues, and allows organisms to behave in and adapt to changing environments.

For more details concerning thematic areas and possible funding mechanisms, please consult the full text of the DCL, which can be accessed via this link:

The PDF version of the DCL can be found at:

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