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FYI: Announcing RWAAI, A New Austroasiatic Resource

Author: Nicole Kruspe

Linguistic Field(s): Language Documentation

Language Family: Austro-Asiatic

FYI Body: We are pleased to announce the official launch of RWAAI, the Repository and Workspace for Austroasiatic Intangible Heritage. Hosted by Lund University, RWAAI is committed to the digital preservation of research collections documenting the languages and cultures of the Austroasiatic communities of Mainland Southeast Asia and India.

In addition, RWAAI offers contributors the ultimate back-up drive, a personal digital workspace where data can be securely uploaded and stored, enriched, and curated remotely. Research corpora will be interoperable, the catalogue fully searchable, and data accessible, subject to ethical and legal concerns.

As such, we envisage RWAAI as a catalyst in promoting new research initiatives in the digital sciences.

Furthermore, RWAAI will capitalise on new advances in communication technology to provide language communities with access to their cultural heritage.

To learn more about RWAAI, visit the website at

The corpus can also be reached directly at

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