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Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date Posted
'Death of last speaker of Bo' 'Paul' 'Chapin' 21.641 Feb-06-2010
'Documenting Endangered Languages in New York City' 'Elizabeth' 'Pyatt' 21.2084 May-03-2010
'On Learning a Second Language' 'Mfon' 'Udoinyang' 21.3575 Sep-08-2010
'Linguists Discover a ''New'' Language in India' 'Paul' 'Chapin' 21.4020 Oct-06-2010
'Does Your Language Shape How You Think?' 'Mfon' 'Udoinyang' 21.4033 Oct-12-2010
'Death of the Indo-Portuguese Creole of Cochin' 'Hugo' 'Cardoso' 21.4052 Oct-13-2010
'History of English Exhibition at the British Library' 'Paul' 'Chapin' 21.4689 Nov-19-2010
'Linguistic Applications of Ultrasound' 'Sheena' 'Shah' 21.5051 Dec-13-2010
'Culturomics - A Google Application for Studying Language' 'Mark' 'Davies' 21.5147 Dec-18-2010
'Cherokee-Apple Initiative to Preserve Language' 'Paul' 'Chapin' 22.168 Jan-03-2011
'Culturomics article in ''Science'' Journal' 'Paul' 'Chapin' 22.488 Jan-22-2011
'The King''s Speech and Stuttering Research' 'Lisa' 'Evans' 22.944 Feb-21-2011
'Burushaski Language Preservation' 'Michael' 'Cahill' 22.1442 Mar-28-2011
'Phonetics and Telekinesis' 'Mark' 'Jones' 22.3835 Apr-08-2011
'Robots Invent a Language' 'Mfon' 'Udoinyang' 22.3836 May-19-2011
'Cognitive Sci and Tenured Profs at U. Louisiana' 'Monica' 'Gonzalez-Marquez' 22.2843 Jul-07-2011
'Language Revival Efforts at NSW State Library' 'Amy' 'Brunett' 22.3228 Aug-12-2011
'An Article on Slang Trends' 'Amy' 'Brunett' 22.3564 Sep-12-2011
'Yeniseian-Na-Dene link?' 'Amy' 'Brunett' 22.3563 Sep-12-2011
'Endangered Languages in New York' 'Lowell' 'Winterbottom' 22.3906 Sep-21-2011
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