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Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date Posted
'Series on US Latino Community English Dialects' 'Elizabeth' 'Pyatt' 23.2449 May-23-2012
'New Documentary: The Universal Language' 'Dana' 'Kash' 23.2591 May-31-2012
'Country Names and Definite Articles' 'Madalena' 'Cruz-Ferreira' 23.2682 Jun-07-2012
'World Policy Journal Article on Hindi vs. Hinglish' 'Neha' 'Madhusoodanan' 23.2734 Jun-14-2012
'LINGUIST List mentioned by The Economist' 'Kristen' 'Dunkinson' 23.2820 Jun-22-2012
'NY Times: ''''Earliest Americans Arrived in Waves, DNA Study Finds''''' 'Anthony' 'Aristar' 23.3029 Jul-12-2012
'Facebook in Kaqchikel' 'Brent' 'Henderson' 23.3377 Aug-11-2012
'Preservation of Chamorro Bolstered by Community' 'Brent' 'Woo' 23.3401 Aug-14-2012
'Linguist Amanda Miller''s Research on Daily Planet' 'Amanda' 'Miller' 23.4440 Oct-19-2012
'Linguist awarded $1 million NSF grant' 'Tometro' 'Hopkins' 23.4439 Oct-20-2012
'BBC Radio series on language endangerment' 'Anna' 'Belew' 23.4962 Nov-28-2012
'Standardizing Scientific Terms in ASL & BSL' 'Paul' 'Chapin' 23.5079 Dec-04-2012
'Silbo Gomero (Gomeran Whistle): Reviving a Language in School' 'Madalena' 'Cruz-Ferreira' 24.237 Jan-11-2013
'Teknoloji-Pedagoji: Article on Teaching Science and Math in Haitian Kreyol' 'Tometro' 'Hopkins' 24.238 Jan-13-2013
'BBC Report: ''The Universal Language of Lullabies''' 'Madalena' 'Cruz-Ferreira' 24.393 Jan-20-2013
'Indian Linguist Honoured by Government of India' 'Anish' 'Koshy' 24.504 Jan-29-2013
'LA Times Article on Yurok Revitalization' 'Anna' 'Belew' 24.719 Feb-07-2013
'Smithsonian Magazine Article on Documenting Aramaic' 'Anna' 'Belew' 24.745 Feb-07-2013
'Children and Language: Taalk Propa?' 'Madalena' 'Cruz-Ferreira' 24.746 Feb-09-2013
'Children and Language: Taalk Propa? - A Follow-Up' 'Madalena' 'Cruz-Ferreira' 24.767 Feb-12-2013
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