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Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date Posted
'Danmarks Radio: Review of Ethnologue in English' 'Ole Stig' 'Andersen' 16.2249 Jul-23-2005
'Danmarks Radio: Ethnologue' 'Ole Stig' 'Andersen' 16.2225 Jul-20-2005
'AP: Google to offer Rumantsch service' 'Stephen' 'Anderson' 16.1836 Jun-10-2005
'Computational Modeling of Language Evolution' 'Anthony' 'Aristar' 24.772 Feb-12-2013
'IHT: Meanwhile: The world is Englishing' 'Anthony' 'Aristar' 16.1164 Apr-12-2005
'NY Times: ''''Earliest Americans Arrived in Waves, DNA Study Finds''''' 'Anthony' 'Aristar' 23.3029 Jul-12-2012
'ASL/Chimp Ad, Review:Lakoff/Nunez, Review:Film ' 'Toby' 'Ayer' 13.275 Feb-01-2002
'More genders on Facebook, still the same pronouns' 'Dennis' 'Baron' 25.1041 Mar-03-2014
'Endangered Languages Project Article in Language Magazine' 'Anna' 'Belew' 24.1207 Mar-11-2013
'Smithsonian Magazine Article on Documenting Aramaic' 'Anna' 'Belew' 24.745 Feb-07-2013
'BBC Radio series on language endangerment' 'Anna' 'Belew' 23.4962 Nov-28-2012
'LA Times Article on Yurok Revitalization' 'Anna' 'Belew' 24.719 Feb-07-2013
'Nim Chimsky: The Chimp Who Would Be Human' 'Mayrene' 'Bentley' 19.868 Mar-13-2008
'Endangered Langs/U.S. Nat''l Public Radio ' 'Steven' 'Bird' 13.686 Mar-13-2002
'The Age: The Decline of Gaelic' 'Jessica' 'Boynton' 17.488 Feb-13-2006
'Inttranews' 'Jessica' 'Boynton' 16.3185 Nov-02-2005
'''New Scientist'' feature about Bangime' 'Matthew' 'Bradley' 25.2419 Jun-03-2014
'Language Radio Series' 'Evan' 'Bradley' 17.2557 Sep-11-2006
'Re: Lehrer News Hour: URL ' 'Wayles' 'Browne' 13.2197 Aug-29-2002
'Yeniseian-Na-Dene link?' 'Amy' 'Brunett' 22.3563 Sep-12-2011
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