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Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date Posted
'Preserving Tribal Heritage with Online Games' 'Ella' 'Earp-Lynch' 16.422 Feb-09-2005
'Nature: Maths Skills Survive Linguistic Damage' 'Ella' 'Earp-Lynch' 16.500 Feb-15-2005
'NYT Book review: Novel about a linguist ' 'Michael' 'Erard' 14.1757 Jun-23-2003
'Lingua Franca/Stuttering, Lederer Chat Online ' 'Michael' 'Erard' 12.3002 Dec-02-2001
'Article on Linguistic Profiling ' 'Michael' 'Erard' 13.1841 Jul-02-2002
'Arabic, Vernaculars & Elites' 'Michael' 'Erard' 16.633 Mar-03-2005
'Ladefoged in the news' 'Susan' 'Ervin-Tripp' 20.607 Jan-16-2009
'The King''s Speech and Stuttering Research' 'Lisa' 'Evans' 22.944 Feb-21-2011
'Origin of Term ''redskin''' 'Paul' 'Fallon' 16.2870 Oct-03-2005
'NYT: Do You Speak Tho Fan?' 'Marisa' 'Ferrara' 16.1262 Apr-19-2005
'Language Article in Dear Abby ' 'Annie' 'Ferreira' 13.1007 Apr-12-2002
'The Economist: Looking for a Sign' 'Simona' 'Fina' 17.53 Dec-23-2005
'NYT: Standing on the Shoulders of Clich├ęs' 'Jessica' 'Firger' 16.1923 Jun-20-2005
'Dialect Variation in the US' 'Susan' 'Fischer' 21.429 Jan-21-2010
'Digital Tools for Linguistic Research' 'Susan' 'Fischer' 20.2625 Jul-28-2009
'Digital tools ''to save languages''' 'Susan D.' 'Fischer' 23.827 Feb-18-2012
'Video Programs Featuring the Oral Tradition of the Nahuatl-Speaking Communities' 'Norbert' 'Francis' 24.3793 Sep-25-2013
'Nahuatl Oral Tradition' 'Norbert' 'Francis' 25.3116 Jul-30-2014
'Bill Labov in the New Yorker' 'Stefan' 'Frazier' 16.3313 Nov-15-2005
'CBC Radio: Shakespeare''s Accent' 'Nancy' 'Frishberg' 16.2231 Jul-21-2005
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