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Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date Posted
'Article: Promoting Native Languages ' 'Karen' 'S. Chung' 13.1212 May-02-2002
'Article:: Human-modeled Speech Synthesis ' 'Karen' 'S. Chung' 13.1225 May-02-2002
'German replacement of English terms with French ' 'Karen' 'S. Chung' 14.1069 Apr-10-2003
'Possible Language Gene/NY Times Articles ' 'Carlota' 'S. Smith' 12.2488 Oct-07-2001
'MIT: Bird''s brains reveal source of songs' 'Neil' 'Salmond' 16.1326 Apr-25-2005
'New York Times Article on NYT Annotated Corpus' 'Evan' 'Sandhaus' 20.1529 Apr-22-2009
'Bill Bright Obituaries: NY Times, LA Times' 'Ann' 'Sawyer' 17.3147 Oct-26-2006
'Endangered Languages on National Public Radio' 'Ann' 'Sawyer' 17.2063 Jul-14-2006
'Human Language Gene Changes How Mice Squeak' 'Dave' 'Sayers' 20.2028 Jun-01-2009
'Handheld ''Phraselator'' Translation Unit' 'Dave' 'Sayers' 19.201 Jan-17-2008
'Stream BBC Radio Program on Creoles/Lang Variation' 'Dave' 'Sayers' 20.4153 Dec-04-2009
'MIT ''big brother'' Style Language Acquisition Test' 'Dave' 'Sayers' 17.1529 May-16-2006
'Discovery Channel: Archives of Babel 2/21 ' 'Maartje' 'Schreuder' 14.490 Feb-19-2003
'Modified: Archives of Babel ' 'Maartje' 'Schreuder' 14.496 Feb-19-2003
'BBC Programmes: Feral Children ' 'James' 'Scobbie' 14.600 Mar-01-2003
'Linguistic Applications of Ultrasound' 'Sheena' 'Shah' 21.5051 Dec-13-2010
'Historical-Lexicographical Methodology in WSJ' 'Fred' 'Shapiro' 18.956 Mar-17-2007
'News Reviews in Jamaican Creole' 'Andre' 'Sherriah' 19.3303 Oct-16-2008
'NY Times: Accent Reduction' 'Jason' 'Siegel' 18.1728 Jun-05-2007
'An Intelligent Man''s Answer to Linguistic Truisms' 'Micah' 'Smith' 18.45 Dec-28-2006
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