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Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date Posted
'Discourse Analysis of Scripture' 'Brent' 'Woo' 22.3989 Oct-12-2011
'Telugu Internet Conference held: discusses Unicode, fonts' 'Brent' 'Woo' 22.3903 Oct-06-2011
'Klingon no problem for man with Dyslexia' 'Brent' 'Woo' 22.3930 Oct-06-2011
'How do you spell West Bengal''s new name?' 'Brent' 'Woo' 22.3931 Oct-08-2011
'English still encroaching on French jobs' 'Brent' 'Woo' 23.1932 Apr-16-2012
'Former PM of Australia advocates focus on Chinese' 'Brent' 'Woo' 23.1901 Apr-16-2012
'AlJazeera ''Living the Language'' TV Program' 'Brent' 'Woo' 23.2339 Apr-21-2012
'Argument over pronunciation of Maori place name' 'Brent' 'Woo' 23.1900 Apr-16-2012
'Monkeys can memorize regular patterns in writing' 'Brent' 'Woo' 23.1899 Apr-16-2012
'Critical Multilingualism Studies at University of Arizona' 'Brent' 'Woo' 23.1724 Apr-03-2012
'The Problem of Translating Religious Texts' 'Brent' 'Woo' 23.1723 Apr-03-2012
'South African Pidgin Threatened by Language Policy' 'Brent' 'Woo' 23.1734 Apr-04-2012
'Minority Languages of Russia in Flux' 'Brent' 'Woo' 23.2338 Apr-21-2012
'Preservation of Chamorro Bolstered by Community' 'Brent' 'Woo' 23.3401 Aug-14-2012
'Mesoamerican Conference Discusses Endangered Dialect' 'Brent' 'Woo' 24.1014 Feb-26-2013
'Is Speech Regulation the Sewage Control of Society?' 'Brent' 'Woo' 22.3947 Oct-08-2011
'18th-century Copiale Cipher solved by statistical algorithm' 'Brent' 'Woo' 22.4172 Oct-24-2011
'Wordclouds Ignore Language' 'Brent' 'Woo' 22.4051 Oct-15-2011
'Australian politician Bishop: Asian languages are a must' 'Brent' 'Woo' 22.4905 Nov-28-2011
'Linguistics and Murder' 'Brent' 'Woo' 23.338 Jan-19-2012
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