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Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date Posted
'On Learning a Second Language' 'Mfon' 'Udoinyang' 21.3575 Sep-08-2010
'Documenting Endangered Languages in New York City' 'Elizabeth' 'Pyatt' 21.2084 May-03-2010
'Death of last speaker of Bo' 'Paul' 'Chapin' 21.641 Feb-06-2010
'Dialect Variation in the US' 'Susan' 'Fischer' 21.429 Jan-21-2010
'Top English Words of 2009' 'Evelyn' 'Richter' 21.183 Jan-11-2010
'Stream BBC Radio Program on Creoles/Lang Variation' 'Dave' 'Sayers' 20.4153 Dec-04-2009
'Language Endangerment and Death' 'Hunter' 'Lockwood' 20.3520 Oct-20-2009
'New MIT Press podcast with Noam Chomsky' 'Nick' 'Lindsay' 20.3452 Oct-07-2009
'Ainu Teaching Controversy at Hokkaido University, Japan' 'Huamei' 'Han' 20.3062 Sep-09-2009
'Digital Tools for Linguistic Research' 'Susan' 'Fischer' 20.2625 Jul-28-2009
'NPR Newscast on Shoshone Revival Program' 'Pamela' 'Dixon' 20.2575 Jul-21-2009
'Endangered Lang Article in Chronicle of Higher Ed' 'Doug' 'Whalen' 20.2075 Jun-03-2009
'Human Language Gene Changes How Mice Squeak' 'Dave' 'Sayers' 20.2028 Jun-01-2009
'New York Times Article on NYT Annotated Corpus' 'Evan' 'Sandhaus' 20.1529 Apr-22-2009
'Washington Post article on endangered languages' 'Paul' 'Chapin' 20.1291 Apr-06-2009
'Documentary ''The Linguists'' on PBS' 'Ashley' 'Williams' 20.608 Feb-24-2009
'Ladefoged in the news' 'Susan' 'Ervin-Tripp' 20.607 Jan-16-2009
'News Reviews in Jamaican Creole' 'Andre' 'Sherriah' 19.3303 Oct-16-2008
'Court Says Yup''ik Not Written Language' 'Elizabeth' 'Pyatt' 19.2341 Jul-23-2008
'Loss of Native American Languages and Cultures' 'Paul' 'Chapin' 19.1260 Apr-10-2008
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