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Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date Posted
'The Age: The Decline of Gaelic' 'Jessica' 'Boynton' 17.488 Feb-13-2006
'Algonquin Language Recreated in Pocohontas Movie' 'Elizabeth' 'Pyatt' 17.215 Jan-23-2006
'LATimes: Body Part Idioms' 'Karen' 'Chung' 17.199 Jan-20-2006
'The Economist: Looking for a Sign' 'Simona' 'Fina' 17.53 Dec-23-2005
'Re: Welsh Counting System Makes Maths Easier' 'Briony' 'Williams' 16.3667 Dec-22-2005
'Welsh Counting System Makes Maths Easier' 'Mark' 'Jones' 16.3642 Dec-17-2005
'Mail & Guardian Online: Nushu' 'Karen' 'Chung' 16.3508 Dec-08-2005
'Whither the Southern Accent?' 'Mike' 'Matloff' 16.3388 Nov-23-2005
'Liberty Post:: Ancient Alphabet Found' 'Karen' 'Chung' 16.3360 Nov-18-2005
'Bill Labov in the New Yorker' 'Stefan' 'Frazier' 16.3313 Nov-15-2005
'LATimes: Bilingual format boosts KXOL' 'Karen' 'Chung' 16.3218 Nov-05-2005
'BBC: School language decline continues' 'Karen' 'Chung' 16.3190 Nov-04-2005
'Inttranews' 'Jessica' 'Boynton' 16.3185 Nov-02-2005
'BBC: Language teachers ''need training''' 'Karen' 'Chung' 16.3106 Oct-28-2005
'NYT: Review of ''Slam Dunks and No-Brainers''' 'Karen' 'Chung' 16.2925 Oct-09-2005
'Washington Post: The @ sign' 'Karen' 'Chung' 16.2871 Oct-04-2005
'Origin of Term ''redskin''' 'Paul' 'Fallon' 16.2870 Oct-03-2005
'BBC: Tingo, nakkele and other wonders' 'Madalena' 'Cruz-Ferreira' 16.2767 Sep-26-2005
'BBC: Diversity of languages is hailed' 'Karen' 'Chung' 16.2766 Sep-23-2005
'New Scientist: Chinese/Western Differences' 'Karen' 'Chung' 16.2482 Aug-23-2005
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