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Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date Posted
'BBC: Science and languages exam plea' 'Karen' 'Chung' 16.2401 Aug-18-2005
'BBC: Word 4 Word' 'Christopher' 'Johns' 16.2399 Aug-10-2005
'Danmarks Radio: Review of Ethnologue in English' 'Ole Stig' 'Andersen' 16.2249 Jul-23-2005
'BBC: Tory accents' 'Veronika' 'Koller' 16.2236 Jul-22-2005
'CBC Radio: Shakespeare''s Accent' 'Nancy' 'Frishberg' 16.2231 Jul-21-2005
'Danmarks Radio: Ethnologue' 'Ole Stig' 'Andersen' 16.2225 Jul-20-2005
'NYT: Ethnologue' 'John' 'Lawler' 16.2214 Jul-19-2005
'Early Modern English: Shakespeare at the Globe' 'John' 'Lawler' 16.2205 Jul-18-2005
'Chinese dialects/ languages' 'Mike' 'Maxwell' 16.2174 Jul-16-2005
'BBC: Will the Olympics help languages?' 'Karen' 'Chung' 16.2175 Jul-15-2005
'BBC: Language teaching pilot ''working''' 'Karen' 'Chung' 16.2176 Jul-15-2005
'NYTimes: Dr. Johnson''s Revolution' 'Karen' 'Chung' 16.2072 Jul-02-2005
'BBC: First bilingual primary school in UK' 'Karen' 'Chung' 16.2052 Jun-28-2005
'NPR: Whistling to Communicate in Alaska' 'Lee' 'Hartman' 16.1924 Jun-22-2005
'NYT: Standing on the Shoulders of Clich├ęs' 'Jessica' 'Firger' 16.1923 Jun-20-2005
'BBC: Wordhunt' 'Kim' 'Lomax' 16.1904 Jun-20-2005
'AP: Google to offer Rumantsch service' 'Stephen' 'Anderson' 16.1836 Jun-10-2005
'BBC: Bid to save nearly-lost language' 'Peter' 'Hendriks' 16.1835 Jun-10-2005
'''Chavs'' and others make it into the dictionary' 'Mark' 'Jones' 16.1827 Jun-09-2005
'Prince attacks ''voguish'' GCSE text message studies' 'Anthea' 'Gupta' 16.1828 Jun-09-2005
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