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Media: Article/Sign Lang, Linguists on Public Radio

Submitter: Rachel Lagunoff

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Media Body: Linguist Listers,

A recent article appearing in the News Focus: Linguistics section of
the magazine Science:

>From the Mouths (and Hands) of Babes: Nicaraguan deaf students have
created a new sign language, and it has fueled the debate among
linguists over how languages are formed

by Laura Helmuth

Science, 7 September 2001, Vol. 293, pp. 1758-1759

Rachel Lagunoff



On National Public Radio's &quot;Morning Edition&quot; program today, Thursday,
October 4th, 2001, the following story was broadcast (featuring
coverage of linguists involved in the project, and an interview with

Folklore Project Debra Schifrin reports on the effort by American
folklorists to document the country's reaction to the Sept. 11
terrorist attacks. The project, spearheaded by the Library of
Congress, is recording the spontaneous responses of citizens across
the country. (6:06)

Best wishes from

Dave Robertson
Spokane, WA

Issue Number: 12.2477
Date Posted: October 05, 2001

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