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Media: Article:: Human-modeled Speech Synthesis

Submitter: Karen S. Chung

Submitter Email:
Media Body: There is an interesting article in the _New Scientist_ entitled:
"Artificial voice system says hello", which includes links to two video
demonstrations of the system (fast connection recommended for these). The
article begins with this paragraph:

"When Hideyuki Sawada says he wants his robots to be articulate, he's
not talking about computer-generated voice synthesis - he wants them to talk
just like humans. So he is designing an entire artificial voice system,
complete with its own lung, windpipe, vocal cords and throat."

The URL:

Thanks to Colin Whiteley for bringing this article
to my attention.

Karen Steffen Chung
National Taiwan University

Phonetics and more at:

Issue Number: 13.1225
Date Posted: May 02, 2002

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