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Media: Time Magazine: "Singlish"

Submitter: Karen S. Chung

Submitter Email:
Media Body: This week's Asian edition of Time magazine (July 29, 2002/vol. 160 no.
3) has an interesting piece on Singlish, entitled:

A War of Words Over 'Singlish'
Singapore's government wants its citizens to speak good English, bu
they would much rather be 'talking cock'
by Hwee Hwee Tan

It's available online at:,13673,501020729-322685,00.h

If you have trouble with the URL, go to Time's main site a, choose Time Asia, then do a search on 'Singlish'.

The article mentions a movie called _Talking Cock: The Movie_, which
should be of interest to anyone studying South East Asian varieties of
English. Also notable are the Singlish humor Web site,, and the recently published _Coxford Singlish
Dictionary_, accessible from the 'Talking Cock' site a

Karen Steffen Chung
National Taiwan University

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Issue Number: 13.1977
Date Posted: July 25, 2002

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