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Media: Tolkien's Lang, NYT Disc/The Language Instinct

Submitter: Suzette Haden Elgin

Submitter Email:
Media Body: December 24, 2001

Last night's National Geographic television series had a brief segmen
about Tolkien's Elvish languages and the claim that they were based
primarily on a Finnish language, as part of a show on the making of _The
Lord of the Rings_.

Suzette Haden Elgin


&gt;From the &quot;Books&quot; section of the _New York Times_ online:

&quot;For the month of January, readers will discuss &quot;The Language Instinct&quot;
by Steven Pinker. The author will respond to readers' questions at the end
of the month.&quot;

Link to the discussion at:

You will need to register for the NYT if you haven't already, but it's

Karen Chung
Phonetics and more at:

Issue Number: 13.23
Date Posted: January 07, 2002

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