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Media: BBC Programmes: Feral Children

Submitter: James Scobbie

Submitter Email:
Media Body: The Material World, a BBC Radio 4 science programme, has a 15 minute
piece on feral children which may be of use for teaching or general
interest, with Michael Newton, Part time lecturer at UCL and author of
Savage Girls and Wild Children and Dr James Law, Professor of Language
and Communication studies at City University, London.

This link will not be relevant for long, about a week:

You can listen to the programme online, until next week's appears to
replace it, here:

Last week's Book of the week on Radio 4 is Savage Girls
and Wild Children by Michael Newton--a history of the
feral child. It will be available to listen to until replaced by nex
week's book, a day at a time.

1st part of it only available today (sat 1st & sun 2nd march):

Issue Number: 14.600
Date Posted: March 01, 2003

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